Seymo Gyro autopilot V 3.06

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¿What is the Gyroscope for?

When a ship sails under the effect of wind, waves, current, etc. the Fluxgate compass is what sends the heading change information to the pilot's control panel, so that he can recalculate the new rudder position and return to the initial heading. Unfortunately the compass is not fast enough, it is also exposed to being shaken in all directions at the same time, vertically, horizontally and obliquely, during normal navigation the compass does its job very well, however, as soon as the conditions sea ​​become difficult, especially downwind, sea formed, wind changes, load, etc ... the information provided by the compass is not accurate and fast enough for the pilot to react quickly and prevent the boat from I veered off course .

The gyro provides additional accurate information to the compass. Technically the gyro supplies a signal that will vary according to the horizontal rotation of the boat, the pilot's heading computer is able to detect the slightest change in the horizontal angle of the boat, whatever the movements in the other axes. The gyroscope does not measure the course of the ship, it detects fine and fast the smallest rotation of the ship and therefore the smallest change of course. The gyroscope or gyrometer detects the rotation in the horizontal axis of the boat, while the compass measures its orientation and therefore the heading. Its gyroscope effect translates into a more precise heading.

¿Is adding a Gyroscope justified?

The answer is yes . The addition of a Gyroscope makes the boat more stable in all directions, SEYMO provides a gyroscope at a very competitive price of high performance using the most advanced technology, its INS (inertial navigation system) design, raising the autopilot to another more efficient level with more stable heading.


¿Do I need an Installer?

The installation does not present any difficulty, anyone without technical knowledge can install the SEYMO Gyro, you only have to connect the three cables that match by color with those printed on the course computer, in addition SEYMO provides an App to help the configuration where it tells you how to proceed. by step how to configure the Gyroscope with the pilot.


Autopilots respond to course through the reference of the compass but this is usually slow in difficult navigation conditions (following sea, wind, waves, etc ..).

Seymo angular gyro, for autopilots, with its advanced design INS (inertial navigation system), is an important part of auto navigation systems and inertial guidance in motorboats and sailboats. The instrument of this inertial guidance system includes gyroscopes and accelerometer.
Detecting rotational accelerations to which it is subjected when the boat is off course. by a wave, loading or sails.

These signals are fed to the course computer, which calculated continuously speed and exact address of ship navigation and using the computer algorithm, act quickly in compensation, causing the feeling that the ship is expected to waves, as if the really feel as if sail gliding on rails.

We verify how the system produces many short, precise corrections rather than large rudder movements. Keeping an accurate course, automatic yaw control with fast reaction to correct the course

AutoLearn, Advanced S teering T echnologie (AST), and  Autotrim function, so the pilot automatically understands the vessel's steering characteristics, simplifying calibration and allowing the vessel to constantly adapt to changing sea conditions. Self learning variables as the boat (rudder gain, speed, trimer, etc ..)

Features + :
  • Go from 3-9 levels of accuracy in the direction.
  • Works on 12 and 24 Volts
  • Immune to electromagnetic interference
  • MARPA: 5/10 Hz
  • Autolearn: rudder gain, speed, trimer, rate gyro,

Equivalent to all GyroPlus

  • Yaw Sensor
  • Rate Gyro
  • GyroPlus
  • GyroPlus 2
  • GyroPlus 2 smart heading
  • E12101 Gyroplus 2 Rate Gyro Module
  • GyroPlus (part number: A18069)
  • GyroPlus (part number: M81162)
  • GyroPlus Transducer (Z179)
  • GyroPlus Yaw Sensor
  • GyroPlus 2 External Rate Gyro
  • E12102 GyroPlus 2

Raymarine course computer:
SSEYMO GYRO converts the following pilots (G) gyroscopo

  • S1
  • S2
  • S3
  • Type 150
  • Type 400
  • Type 100 This type of autopilot only has 3 levels of accuracy
  • Type 300 This type of autopilot only has 3 levels of accuracy

  • 82 x 69 x 30 mm   



guia.png   autolearn.png MANUAL_4.png practico.png                 

Update Seymo Gyro:



guia.png   autolearn.png MANUAL_4.png practico.png                 





Funciona fenomenal, probado con spy y noto una gran mejoría



gyroplus 2

The Ray Gyro is extremely easy to install. In about 10 minutes time you transform your system into a wave action ready fighting machine



seymo gyro

muy contento , funciona muy bien he notado un gran cambio en elmantenimiento del rumbo



Gyro Plus seymo

I fitted it on our older Type 300 autopilot, which greatly improved its ability to steer straight in big seas.




Le résultat est parfait avec le produit Seymo Nautica.

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Seymo Gyro autopilot V 3.06

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