Bilge pump electronic circuit breaker

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Bilge pump electronic automatic switch

all circuit breakers that exist on the market are submerged in the bilge eventually end

damaged they are expensive and there is no possibility of repair

The Seymo electronic switch consists of the sensor and the processing unit, which differentiates it from those existing on the market.


Independent CPU, we managed to prevent water from entering and stop working (repair with a fixed price of €20)

Fully waterproof and replaceable sensor at an affordable price €12

Pumps up to 40 Ah

Consumption 0.7 mA.


Works in both fresh and salt water


No moving parts that generate corrosion or wear. Ideal for use in controlling electric bilge pumps. 8-second delay that prevents the pump from connecting to the movement of water due to heels. 15-second delay to completely empty the bilge. innovative design. With embedded sensors. Protected against exposure to solvents or corrosion of liquids in the bilge


The sensor is installed in the bilge

The CPU is installed in a dry place

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Bilge pump electronic circuit breaker

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