Seymo Advanced Anchor Alarm

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Normally the Plotter or Gps dragging alarms are ineffective for several reasons, the first is the distance setting is 0.01 mile, 0.02 miles and so on, 0.01 mile is equivalent to 16 meters we can adjust from 16 to 16 meters, with the Seymo drag alarm you adjust meter by meter, gaining precision and promptness and warning.

They are based only on the position of the boat, Seymo has developed an alarm that is based on the position of the anchor with respect to the boat, that is, it marks the position of the anchor when anchoring and marks the position of the boat after releasing the necessary chain. continuously measuring the distance between the position of the anchor and the possible movement of the ship and will activate the alarm when that distance exceeds the meters that the owner has put in the setup.

When moored to a buoy, it will work by taking the position of the ship and will activate the alarm if it moves more meters than those stipulated by the owner.

The GPS, the drag alarm sounds very weak and after 30 seconds they stop, with Seymo you will have a continuous powerful alarm until you stop it and another option to install an alarm in the cabin where you spend the night.

The grabbing Apps follow the same principle as the Plotters or Gps are not very effective and sound very little and can lose the position.

Seymo also sends you SMS and calls you 3 times so that when you are not on the boat you know if your boat moves from its place, it works with a contract or prepaid mobile card, an SMS can go unnoticed but with the 3 calls it will be easier to know that something is happening.

All configurable from the App, from the App we will mark the position of the anchor and the ship, alarm meters, if we want it to send us SMS or Calls or both, configure the phone to call, etc.

It consists of the processor unit and the App 

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Seymo Advanced Anchor Alarm

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