High performance air filter

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What is the big problem with the Air Flow?

In short, everything! At its simplest level, an engine is an air pump. The more air to the engine increases the efficiency of the combustion process creating more horsepower and torque. Power is a measure of the maximum engine power while torque measures how fast can you accelerate.

Air filters increase engine performance in power and throttle response by reducing air flow restriction.

Maintaining an optimal air flow and unrestricted becomes a problem when you have to pass through a filter medium. The level of air resistance varies depending on the size, surface area and physical characteristics of the media.

For installing a high efficiency filter?, By the numerous advantages,

• Increases power by 10%
• Reduce consumption
• Longer, washable and reusable

universal cone filter
Red color
Diameter 76mm / 70mm / 63mm / 60mm

It includes
universal cone filter
Stainless steel clamp
3 rubber rings Gear (70mm, 63mm, 60mm)