Dual programmable temperature alarm (two leaks) or (exhaust and engine) or (two engines)

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Motor temperature alarm (two leaks) or (exhaust and engine) or (two engines) programmable, combines two sensors with the CPU with independent dual programming,


12V or 24V




You may be observing the temperature of your engine continuously but at the slightest carelessness you will find the engine overheated

 And possibly with a very expensive breakdown

You no longer have to worry about your engine temperature, the Seymo control will do it for you,

 Alerting you with an alarm sound when the temperature exceeds what you set

Programmable temperature control for (two leaks) or (exhaust and engine) or (two engines)



The engine temperature sensor with its perforated terminal adapts like a washer under any screw, which is close to the cylinder head or the engine block and the exhaust sensor adapts to the exhaust pipe or elbow





You do not need to know the engine temperature specifications to set the overheating alarm.

Simply observe the highest temperature your engine reaches during normal navigation, and then set the alarm to sound above it.

Programming of the maximum alarm temperature, upon exceeding this, will sound and sound warning, thus preventing damage to the engine.

Example for motor: if the digital display indicates 84 degrees (normal engine operating temperature) and we program 85, when this temperature is reached the alarm will be activated.

The head gasket only needs two temperature rises to melt

It acts before doing that of the engine itself, increasing safety and avoiding very costly breakdowns

Temperature in the exhaust pipe, advantages of this equipment over those that exist in the market:

Easy assembly without dismantling any part of the exhaust, the clamp is opened and placed around the tube or elbow and ready.


Programmable adapts to any escape

Test operation, without having to overheat the engine

The sensor is not in contact with seawater and exhaust gases

Reduced price




Set the maximum exhaust temperature, to set the overheating alarm. Just observe

the highest temperature that your exhaust reaches during normal navigation, and then set the alarm

So that it sounds above this.

Example for exhaust: if the digital display indicates 84 degrees (normal operating temperature of the exhaust pipe) and we program 85, when this temperature is reached the alarm will be activated.

Exhaust alarm, if the sea water flow is insufficient for any reason, the temperature in the exhaust pipe will rise exceeding the programmed and the alarm will sound acoustically and visually, allowing time to reduce speed, stop the engine, avoiding damage and very expensive engine repairs.


Detects any anomaly in the operation of the motor by temperature

Lack of water cooling closed circuit

Lost sleeves

Faulty thermostat

Oil at inappropriate temperature

Lack of seawater flow (Boats)


Available diameters:

 316 stainless steel clamp continuous from 30 to 310mm


Example: from 30 to 310 mm, it closes up to 30mm and its maximum diameter 310mm


If you don't know the diameter of the exhaust pipe, you can measure the circumference around the pipe in mm and divide by 3,142

Example: for a circumference of 500 mm

500mm: 3.142 = 159.1mm, would be within the range between 30 and 310mm


Connections: 12V or 24V power

                  The probe to the engine block on any screw.

                  The exhaust probe around the exhaust pipe or elbow.



12V or 24V power

Dual programmable alarm temperature from 0 to 120 degrees

Resolution 0.1 degree

Acoustic alarm overcoming programmed temperature

Visual alarm with LED on the display

Optional external buzzer

Optional external siren

2.5 meter probe cable (you can add up to 100 meters of cable extension of 2x0.75mm minimum diameter)

Mounting: recessed and surface

Dimensions L x P x W = 74x70x34mm



Complete alarm for installation:

CPU display with internal buzzer

2.5 meter wiring (extendable up to 100 meters with 2x0.75mm cable)

Installation Manual


         12V or 24V

Option1 two exhaust probes

Option 2 exhaust probe and engine probe

Option3 two motor probes



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Dual programmable temperature alarm (two leaks) or (exhaust and engine) or (two engines)

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