12V automatic exhausted battery regenerator

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The 80% of the batteries are replaced unnecessarily This usually happens when the battery has
a lack of ability to start, being commonly causes accumulation of sulfate in the plates of the
cells in the same. This situation is in many cases almost completely reversible since the technology exists
to avoid their early training, being thus possible to considerably increase the useful life of
the batteries in your car. This same technology is also applicable to other batteries such as those used
commonly in many other energy storage applications. The MAX PULSE REGENERATOR
provides a unique regeneration treatment and maintaining constant conditioner, by which their
permanently maintain battery capacity and maximum productivity.

The RP MAX PULSE REGENERATOR 600 is an electronic device for pulse regeneration and maintenance
starter batteries and other applications. It connects directly to your battery terminals and acts
permanently while receiving cargo from an alternator or battery charger emitting pulses of high
often to regenerate the battery and prevent sulfation of the plates. The desulfating has built
a disconnect switch
Fully automatic, continuously connected to the battery is activated when the voltage exceeds 12.4
volts and will stop when the current dropped 12.5 volts
Preserving the batteries to avoid discharge


1. Is it working? If the green LED is on and you can hear a distinct "buzzing" noise,
Two. important to ensure that all battery charging activities carried out in a well ventilated area.
Three. The battery to be recovered should be at least 10.5 V'circuito open '. Any lower voltage. Indicate
    The battery that irretrievable deterioration may be more than sulfation
April. Make sure electrolyte levels are adequate before, these should be checked regularly
. The consumption of 65 - 135mA in charging
June. The pulse generator can be left connected to the battery,
Depending on the state of the battery, the recovery could be several days.
August. If you have a simple voltmeter indicating improved battery will be the maximum voltage reached
     after each load. This should increase significantly during the first week and then decline over time.
11. The devices are supplied with reverse polarity protection external fuse, automatic reset internal fuse
     and switch-off

Connect the black wire to negative and the red wire to the positive battery

Operating voltage: nominal 10.5 - 14.4VDC, permissible to 16VDC, with overvoltage protection.
Compatibility of batteries: 12V lead acid, gel or liquid electrolyte, 40-1000Ah capacity.
Current consumption in operation: approx. 0.065A (65mA) to 13.5VDC.
Operating frequency: 1 kHz (1000 pulses per second), with harmonics up to 10MHz.
Pulse duration: from 10-50uS (and fixed repetition period 950uS)
       Aluminum Case
     Small size
        110 x 89 x 37 mm




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12V automatic exhausted battery regenerator

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