Waterway Detector (Autonomous)



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Waterway detector for autonomous vessels, the detection of a waterway in time, gives you many

possibilities of saving the boat and the safety of your crew


It is located in areas of possible waterway such as bottom faucet compartments, probes and slides, horn, or in the bilge itself

Installation is simple in two minutes, no wiring required

Completely autonomous, works with a 9 volt battery

The sensor is placed at the bottom and the CPU at the top and ready

Upon detecting the presence of water an audible alarm will be activated that will be heard even from outside the boat


Audible alarm 105 db

Red Activation LED

Battery life 9 v, 2 years advisable to change every year (battery not included)

Cable between sensor and cpu, 90 cm



            width x length x height

  CPU: 55 X 105 X 35 mm

Sensor: 35 x 50 x19 mm